Establishing a business is a fast-paced, time-consuming lifestyle for entrepreneurs. To be professionally responsible for their endeavors, business owners work around the clock handling production, forging relationships with clients and other people within their industry/network, and managing finances. As risk-takers aim to make their mark on the world, aspiring business leaders should understand the impact work can have on their mental health. Below are some reasons why your mental health is associated with your business health.

The Effect of Stress on Entrepreneurs

In 2018, Michael Freeman, a clinical professor of psychiatry revealed that mental health issues were inexplicably linked to business practices. In a group study of 242 entrepreneurs and 93 comparison participants, more than half of the 93 comparison participants were diagnosed with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and substance abuse. Further evaluations recognized that business outcomes directly influenced cognition, creativity, self-image, and interpersonal behavior.

Building a prosperous future requires mental clarity and emotional stability. There is hope for improving one’s mental state by changing personal habits that will ultimately change professional habits.

Create Work / Life Balance

Most business people fail to recognize the difference between ambition and becoming a workaholic. Boundaries in professional and personal matters are vital in keeping both areas flourishing and lucrative. Taking stock of one’s energy, logging how much time is spent working at home, and learning to say ‘no’ can reverse the detrimental signs of overworking.

Engage Stress-Release Techniques

For a business to survive and thrive, owners have to take care of themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically. Self-care contains a wide variety of stress-release techniques where personal happiness is the utmost importance. Techniques include meditation, journaling, eating healthy and spending time with loved ones. Maintaining mental health, even exercises for several minutes a day, pays off in the long-run by increasing endurance, strengthening mental alertness, and more effective decision-making.

Seek Professional Assistance

Burdened with the success or failure of their business, overworked entrepreneurs are often afraid to ask for help. Seeking outside sources for support addresses underlying issues of anxiety and stress. Occupational psychiatrists, mental health organizations, or a licensed therapist can offer solutions to ventilate concerns, manage productivity, and boost morale. With the right adjustments in their own lives, and seeking professional assistance, business owners can free themselves from the shame and pressure of success they are striving for.