Handling a small business can be a challenge during COVID-19. Everyone is facing financial struggles, and you might have to make difficult adjustments. Let’s take a look at the most sensible decisions for your small business.

Negotiate with vendors

In this pandemic, there is a strong sense of working together as a community. See whether vendors and suppliers might be open to more lenient policies or trade offers. They are likely facing financial difficulties of their own and can sympathize with your requests. Offer to meet in the middle or form a compromise with all of your vendors.

Maintain a supply of cash

On the topic of finances, banks and savings accounts are facing unpredictable times as well. There could be shutdowns in the future, and you don’t want to face bankruptcy if this occurs. By keeping a supply of cash on hand, you’re preparing for the worst-case scenario. Don’t leave the money at home; keep it at the office for easy access.

Be open to adaptation

As discussed, you never really know what is going to come your way during COVID-19. You must be open to adaptation whenever necessary. Business owners who tunnel vision on specific goals and plans are bound to encounter failure. It’s simply not feasible to meet all of your quotas by the end of the year. Adjust goals as needed, and don’t feel bad when things fall apart.

Apply for credit

If you are in good financial standing, you can use this to your advantage during the pandemic. A small business can negotiate with a bank to secure financial credit as a backup. This is a very natural decision, as managing your assets is a huge priority. There’s no guarantee you’ll get accepted, but it’s always a good idea to keep all of your options on the table.


In these challenging times, it’s imperative to make the most sensible decisions for your small business. This will set up both you and your employees for success. Think about the long term necessities of your company.