Earning a brand new website customer takes a lot of time, money and energy. This is especially true if you don’t have a well-known and recognized brand name. It’s difficult to build buyer trust. However, it takes substantially less effort to keep the customers that you’ve already earned coming back for more. Listed below will show you exactly how you can succeed at keeping your customers coming back to make more purchases on your website.

Use Your Email List
When a customer creates an account on you’re site, you’re no doubt going to collect their email address. This is a ridiculously effective marketing tool. Once every week or so, send an offer to your list of past buyers offering them special incentives and discounts with the use of a “current customers only” promo code. As an add-on, include a promo code they can pass on to friends or family with a lesser discount that they can use. Give your customer an additional incentive if that promo code gets used from their referral. Just make sure to only email those customers that have opted-in to receive emails and offers from you.

Keep Inventory Fresh
Even the best customer will stop frequenting your site if it seems stale. If possible, add a few new products every week to keep interest high. If that’s not possible, cycle some older products to the top of your list and give the products a refresher. After all, if they’ve never seen the products before, they’ll seem like they’re brand new.

Promote a Regularly Updated Blog
Blogging is vitally important to your website’s success. Not only do blog posts bring in new website traffic, but they give you something to talk about on your email campaigns and social media posts to existing customers. Avoid the temptation of making your posts promotional. Focus on value-added content that relates to your business. Use your blog as a way to show that you’re an expert in your industry and that you’re here to help your customers — not just sell to them.

A Long-Term Customer is the Best Customer Why over-spend your marketing budget trying to find new customers when you already have people who are willing to spend money with you? Spend at least half of your marketing time focused on your existing customers. Then watch the sales flood through.